macOS 10.12.5: Needed further testing, Apple

Apple released its latest slew of updates for macOS, tvOS, iOS and watchOS earlier this week, one can only be grateful for unlimited internet quotas these days as it all adds up.

Whilst my iPhone, Apple Watch Nike+ and Apple TV all updated without problem, my MacBook Pro 15″ with TouchBar has started to exhibit a few problems in the past day or two. About two days after I’d installed the update I was swiping back from ‘Space 3’ which had Mail to ‘Space 1’ only to be greeted with a lovely red bar where all my desktop icons should have been. This kind of graphics tearing had appeared when these new MacBook Pros were initially released as drivers were immature at the time, thankfully by the time my own machine arrived Apple had just two days beforehand updated macOS to resolve the issue.

Screen Shot 2017-05-18 at 10.48.32 amThis issue is a tad annoying, though more annoying I cannot see others reporting the issue, am I alone in experiencing this issue? Then today I put my MacBook Pro to sleep as I went shopping and have this evening opened to surf the web etc, however upon opening the lid it booted up displaying the Apple logo. Initially I had thought I’d shut the Mac down and just forgotten doing so, however the dialogs displayed alerting me to the fact that there’d been a kernel panic related to CPU interrupts.

I have to say that 10.12.5 is really turning out to be a bad release for me and my MacBook Pro, I really do hope that 10.12.6 comes along quickly to resolve. Whilst talking of wishes, I certainly do hope that 10.13 brings greater stability than we’ve seen with 10.12, I would much rather see Apple focus more on quality code rather than banging it out, stop focussing on yearly releases and focus instead on doing a better job than you’ve done in the past few releases, quality has certainly suffered.


MacBook Pro 2016

My 13 inch MacBook Air mid-2013 has been a great laptop, I had upgraded to this from a 15 inch MacBook Pro (2011 model), purely as I was looking to carry around something a lot less weighty, and it more than lived up to expectations. 

In recent times I have noticed the battery on my now 3 year old laptop was delivering less uptime, as you might expect. I looked into replacement cost and time, the cost didn’t worry me so much, however the 2 weeks loss of laptop instantly had me thinking an ambulance may be needed. In the back of my mind I also had thoughts of the fact the expenditure being dead money, instead it might better be diverted towards a new machine. As luck would have it Apple released new MacBook Pro machines, lighter and thinner with even better screens than before. 

I initially said “No!”, which always means “Yes, just later on, keep nagging yourself!” A week ago I relented and ordered with the help of a friend who works at Apple, he gets a discount and is kind enough to offer to friends. The wait for delivery is killing me already, though my adapters and cables are to be delivered Monday, lucky me lol. 

Today I went to our local JB HiFi store and had a play with the model I have ordered, it’s very nice indeed. It was the first time I’d seen the force-touch touchpad, I honestly couldn’t tell any great difference between this and the old machanical click, quite impressed. Of course the new touch bar is the new kid on the block, this looks very cool and I am going to enjoy having this on the new computer. I read this morning that someone customised their touch bar removing the Siri button and putting a screenshot button there, I think I’ll do the same as that will be far more useful than something that never understands me. 

I will say I am disappointed most in the disappearance of MagSafe from the latest generation of Apple machines, this was always a great design and a laptop saver. I have seen one vendor selling an alternate cable emulating this, it is tempting to buy, though it does require a dongle sticking out of your computer for the MagSafe-like cable to connect to. I will miss the inbuilt SD card, not happy to have to carry yet another adapter. My camera may support wireless transfer, however I do no think 32Gb via wireless is feasible, do you?

Hopefully the next few weeks will pass ultra quick, also as it will mean holidays 🎄