Kinross Parking Lot

We purchased in Kinross in mid-2008, just one month before the Global Financial Crisis would strike. About six months before we purchased our home Connolly Drive had been extended north from our suburb to link up with Clarkson to help alleviate traffic build-up on Marmion Avenue. Sadly for those of us living in Kinross that decision meant that the ability to exit the suburb became far slower if you didn’t depart before a given time, earning itself the nickname the ‘Kinross Parking Lot’.

One a good day it takes just a few minutes from my door to exit the suburb, however on a bad day where traffic decides to come via Connolly Drive in a big way it can ramp up to 25 minutes at its worst. This is exacerbated by the fact that I live on the easter half of Kinross, our half of the suburb has only Connolly Drive from which to exit whereas the western half has this or Marmion Avenue.


Our (former) local member Albert Jacob fought to have the Mitchell Freeway extended, and through his persistent efforts the State Government eventually agreed to its extension. The extension has taken two years to complete and this Thursday finally opens, I can hard contain my excitement at the prospect of being able to exit my home at 7:50am in the morning and not worry if it might be a 20 minute escape plan, or just a regular one.



A lovely Winter’s day

I booked a night’s stay in Crowne Plaza Hotel in East Perth a few weeks ago as I had a dinner party I was attending just down the road and a late night return to my own home in the northern suburbs late at night was not something I was keen for. A few days beforehand the weather forecast was looking grim, heavy rain and winds due. Come Saturday it hadn’t improved one iota.

Driving to the hotel was stressful enough, I almost never venture into the city, and never to this side, thus I have no experience how to get there. Indeed, the last time I had been here was prior to major changes to the Perth foreshore to develop the new Elizabeth Quay. All I can say is thank god for Google Maps, it told me which lane I needed to be in in order to navigate the maze of roads, but for this app I would have certainly ended up somewhere else.

Arriving safely at my hotel and headed up to my room on the seventh floor keen to check out the view.


I had a wonderful view of the pool and grass across the road, but the Swan River and South Perth further beyond were nowhere to be seen. The wind was howling, screaming through my sliding door, and the rain was heavy. I was now worried, I was going to have to walk in a few hours to my friend’s place, heaven help me if the weather was like this.

Thankfully the weather settled down come time to head off the Kath’s, it was just lightly drizzling by this time, to my total relief.

The following morning the weather was beautiful and South Perth and the Swan River were restored to the view from level seven.


Again with the Daylight Savings debate

It seems every few years when the media is short a story they recycle in Western Australia the old ‘Does WA need Daylight Savings?’ debate. Our state has had a number of referenda in which the people have voted against this, yet the media just cannot seem to accept the will of the people, instead it is intent of inflicting the desire of the corporate world upon the people.

Channel 7 Perth recently recycled the debate on its Facebook website, and news broadcast, thus I contributed my 10 cents worth as am fed up with constantly being asked to vote on this having already done so a few times. Why must we have daylight savings in the summer period at all, a time when Western Australia enjoys an abundance of daylight? The sunlight streams through my blinds from before 5am till around 8pm, is 15 hours of sunlight clearly not enough for people to live their lives? To walk, cycle and run, to socialise and perhaps work.

One person responded, so far, to my Facebook comment on the Channel 7 poll suggesting that “clearly you don’t work for a national company, do you?” Do you vote based upon company lines? I suggested that instead you stagger staff start times so you have some staff starting when the east opens, then the rest of the staff at normal times for the state. It may even be more simple as only occasionally starting early as needed.

We don’t need daylight savings here in the west, nor does the east need to continue with it, we live in a country blessed with an abundance of light in the summer months. Find a new story media outlets, surely our world is big enough you need not recycle this every few years?